Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watched the bu mini meet which got me all reved up to run..

Workout 1/3/09 alter g 80%-a lot of fun!Increase volume, incline and pace to account for reduced force.

3X1000m 2:51
6x600 1:41,1:40,1:39;1:38,1:36,1:36
400 60sec

I've had a bunch of people ask if I would go back to it. Maybe if I weren't so accident prone!Darn sprained ankle!

Really,it's a sad thing for me, to face the world as a reduced,out of shape athlete. I finally figured out what it takes to stay healthy and there's no doubt if I could afford it, I could return to a top level. Deluded I know. What runner isn't?!

For now I will have to return to work on Monday with running on my mind.


Dean said...

Never give up the dream .... easy for me to say :-)

Keep it going! Looking forward to you getting back on track.

Dean said...

.... getting back on "the" track.