Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workout Jan 6, 2009
First time back on track in a couple of weeks. What joy! Ran with Catherine in a very crowded Reggie Lewis Center and it was pure bliss. All fall it was long long workouts, so to run 200s and 300s in the low 30s was a terrific feeling. Kevin gave us the Sev special 3x200,2x300,500,2x300,3x200 break 400 hard. I actually have very bad memories of this workout because if you hit it just right, the 300s coming down were worse than death.

In general it's been a great week. All my boys ran breakthrough workouts. Big Game James, who we converted from the marathon to the 800 is completely hooked. Mike O continues to impress with sub 30 200s and sub 60 400s eventhough he's only been training for a couple of months after a 25 year hiatus. Oddly enough to say, I had a rare and exceptional good hair week, as noted by my good friend Carrie.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watched the bu mini meet which got me all reved up to run..

Workout 1/3/09 alter g 80%-a lot of fun!Increase volume, incline and pace to account for reduced force.

3X1000m 2:51
6x600 1:41,1:40,1:39;1:38,1:36,1:36
400 60sec

I've had a bunch of people ask if I would go back to it. Maybe if I weren't so accident prone!Darn sprained ankle!

Really,it's a sad thing for me, to face the world as a reduced,out of shape athlete. I finally figured out what it takes to stay healthy and there's no doubt if I could afford it, I could return to a top level. Deluded I know. What runner isn't?!

For now I will have to return to work on Monday with running on my mind.